Embutidora vertical EV-20
Embutidora vertical EV-30
Embutidora vertical EV-50
Cilindro EV-20
Tuerca tapa EV
Dosificador manual D-500
Dimensiones Embutidoras EV

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Machines conceived for filling any kind of foods.
Made of finest quality stainless steel.
Filling-speed control for obtaining the ideal speed for every type of filling.
Automatic tank dismounting system for easy cleaning.
Hard, chromed and ground shaft which assures a long life for the joints.
Top securing nuts that prevent any leakage of the mix.
Machine with wheels.
OPTION: Manual portioner that can be coupled to all sausage making machines. Regulation from 0 to 500 g.

MODEL EV-20 EV-30 EV-50
CAPACITY 20 L 30 L 50 L
POWER 1 CV 1,5 CV 2 CV
NET WEIGHT 125 KG 156 KG 320 KG
MEASURE A mm 670 770 880
MEASURE B mm 1140 1180 1300
MEASURE C mm 640 640 690
MEASURE D mm 1210 1195 1300
MEASURE E mm 900 940 1140