Vacuum Kneader-Mixer AO-350: Versatility, robustness and reliability

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Unveil Fuerpla’s Efficiency and Quality at the Market’s Best Price

Our vacuum kneader-mixer for large production runs

Efficient, robust and reliable, the AO-350 is a high-performance technological solution that offers great versatility in the preparation of a wide variety of foods: from minced meat and vegetables to salads, diced or portioned meat, sauces, pâtés and much more. With its kneading, mixing and mashing capabilities, this machine becomes an indispensable ally in the production line, guaranteeing exceptional results in every preparation.

Distinctive Features

Made from 100% stainless steel, both inside and outCapacity 350 litres (approximately 240 kg)
Manufactured with a double jacket, which allows optionally heating up to 80º and cooling, using glycol water, hot water or steamZZ-type double arm blades, with two directions of rotation. Blade power 3kw. Includes a variable speed drive for the blades
Including a 200-litre standard forklift arm lift loading systemPLC with programmable touch screen with different parameters
This PLC allows to create and save manufacturing programs, with mixing times, intervals and vacuum levels, paddle rotation speed and temperature control (Optional)The PLC automatically generates a machine and process check, with periodic interval reports for maintenance, service and electrical fault diagnosis
Tipping tank for better emptying and cleaning of the productThe net weight of the AO-350 is 1,200 kg
Hydraulic motor 1,1kwVacuum pump 40m3 of 1,1kw